Welcome To Blockhead PR

We are so much more than just a PR agency we're BLOCKHEADS, we’re committed to providing industry-leading social media/community development, video production, and web development to game developers, publishers and content creators of all types. Get in touch if you need a hand with your game, brand or project!

Here to help you work Smarter NOT Harder

WHO are

The Blockheads are a collective of talented content creators, marketers and professional individuals from the New York City area with a strong focus of working smarter not harder.


We specialize in many things; from media relations to video production to web design and beyond, we help developers & content creators in many different ways.

Why do
Blockheads do it?

We’re lovers of all things gaming and want to help where we can. The Blockheads will help you show off your game or project with professional creativity and flair.

SOME OF Our Services


Websites, custom landing pages, e-commerce stores blogs and more! If it lives on the web the Blockheads can make it.


Let the Blockheads market so you can create! Facebook ads, social media campaigns, email marketing and more.

Consulting & 
Partner Pathways

The Blockheads have years of experience in all things media. Let us share some of that wisdom to help Kick start your projects.

Video Production

Let us shoot and edit your video game trailers, highlight reels or manage your next livestream production.


Let us say that! With our talented team and high quality audio equipment we can supply you with all your V/O needs.


Photography, public relations, social media management and consulting is offer to those who dress up like our favorite characters.

It’s Dangerous to go alone. CLICK THIS.

Have a video game you need help promoting? Maybe you’re a content creator, cosplayer or influencer looking to grow and expand? MAYBE you’re curious about becoming a Blockhead. Have a question? Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.


  • It’s that time of the year again. Another year, another PAX. In two weeks BLOCKHEAD will be attending PAX EAST 2020, and while we’re excited to see everyone and play some great new games, there is one thing we’re NOT excited about. The Pax-Pox. As......

  • It’s 2020 and whether you are new to streaming or have been streaming for a while, there are some things you should make sure you have in your streaming arsenal. Our motto at Blockhead is to work smarter, not harder; and there are some things......

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