How to Avoid Catching The PAX POX

It’s that time of the year again. Another year, another PAX. In two weeks BLOCKHEAD will be attending PAX EAST 2020, and while we’re excited to see everyone and play some great new games, there is one thing we’re NOT excited about. The Pax-Pox.

As PAX draws in a huge crowd of people all over the word, it also draws in a bunch of germs. And these germs get around! Attendees are all using the same demo controllers, a lot of handshakes are made, and there is always the occasional sick person who should have stayed home. If you want to make it out of PAX healthy, you might want to take some precautions before heading to the Boston Convention Center at the end of the month.

Wash Your Hands…and While You’re At it…everything else

Hygiene. If you smell bad at PAX we will talk about you on Reddit. You will be sharing a space with a few hundreds people from all over the world, be kind and wash up. Beyond it being “the right thing to do” poor hygiene will cause germs to stick around. As great as PAX is, there are going to be a TON of germs there; so don’t give them a fighting chance and wash up whenever you get a chance.

Bring Some Hand Sanitizer

You will be meeting a lot of people, playing a lot of games and touching a lot of stuff, make sure you pack some hand sanitizer. While some areas at PAX will most likely have some available, having you own small portable personal sanitizer will keep the germs at bay. And if you’re going to be with a group, there’s nothing better than being the center of attention just by taking out a tiny bottle, trust us, bring some hand sanitizer and watch how popular you become.

DayQuil For Those Who Are Serious

DayQuil Tablets are my secret weapon for dealing with the PAX Pox. On the chance you start feeling a little Flu-ish then its time to take some medicine. There are plenty of over the counter medicines for Flu-like symptoms, but I would go with the DayQuil Tablets. Just take two tablets in the morning and two at night to give you the extra boost to keep you going for the rest of PAX.

Drink Water & Get Some Rest

You are going to be doing a lot of walking and waiting at PAX. The Boston convention center is pretty huge and if you want to play a popular demo like FFVII or The Last of Us Part II, chances are you’re going to have to wait. A lot of your day is going to be spend walking, waiting and just wondering around. It my seem obvious, but make sure you get some sleep and your 64 ounces of water. Stay_Hydrated_Bot won’t be on the convention floor.

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