Larkin University Rebranding & Web Redesign

When tasked with the pivotal responsibility of rebranding Larkin University’s online appearance, our team embarked on a transformative journey to breathe fresh life into their digital realm. Recognizing the essence of Larkin — where every initiative is underscored by the singular purpose of shaping leaders and impacting human health — our redesign sought to capture this ethos.

Collaborating closely with Larkin University’s communications team, we undertook a meticulous process to ensure all school, medical, and brand guidelines were cohesively integrated into our designs. The website was overhauled, providing a more intuitive and contemporary user experience, while also emphasizing the institution’s L.I.O.N. mantra: Leadership, Innovation, Opportunity, and Nurturing.

Beyond the website, we delved into refining their marketing materials. From devising new brochures to revamping online portals, our efforts culminated in a comprehensive reimagined suite of materials. The updated online PDFs, email marketing campaigns, and online portal now mirror the renewed brand identity, seamlessly aligning with the university’s values and mission.

Larkin University’s Mantra: Everything we undertake resonates with the purpose of nurturing leaders in pharmacy education, practice, pharmaceutical sciences, and biomedical sciences. Our vision pivots around the L.I.O.N. mantra, underscoring Leadership, Innovation, Opportunity, and Nurturing, shaping a difference in communities and human health.