Portrait of Etika - The Etika Mural Part 2 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER

In collaboration with a talented team, I contributed as a Creative Director to an impactful project honoring the life of Desmond, a beloved YouTuber who tragically passed away due to mental illness. Our mission was to raise awareness for mental health and create a lasting tribute to Desmond’s influence.

A few years ago, we initially created a mural that received an overwhelmingly positive response, raising over $11,000 for charity. However, that mural was eventually taken down. In response, our team came together to produce a more intricate and permanent mural, accompanied by a heartfelt short documentary.

The documentary captured the creation process of the mural and featured messages from Desmond’s fans, highlighting the profound impact he had on their lives. As one of the project’s directors, I played a key role in fundraising, setting the creative direction, and marketing our efforts.

Since the project’s completion, numerous social media posts have gone viral, accumulating over a million views and impressions. Additionally, our documentary has been recognized with multiple awards, showcasing the power of art and storytelling in raising awareness for mental health and commemorating the life of an inspiring individual.

Portrait of Etika, a short film.
Located @ 323 Scholes St Brooklyn NY
Made possible by the #JOYCONBOYZ