Tufts Medical Center Ad Campaign

In today’s evolving landscape, with an increased focus on wellness due to the global pandemic COVID-19, prioritizing the health and well-being of you and your loved ones is more crucial than ever. We need a reliable and trustworthy source that not only provides convenience and safety but also highlights a range of services. That’s where Tufts Medical Center comes into play.

As the creators of this awareness campaign for Tufts Medical Center, we developed and produced several scripts showcasing the various services offered by the institution. In addition to the videos, we also designed a series of landing pages and interactive web applications to enhance user engagement and provide easy access to information.

Our team undertook an intense multi-day remote shoot to produce 9 full spots and multiple cuts with different content for various media platforms. From casting to shooting to editing, we successfully managed all aspects of the project remotely, ensuring a seamless and effective campaign to highlight the comprehensive offerings of Tufts Medical Center.